Enygma Real Estate is here for all your investment property needs. 

If you are looking to invest in property but don’t know where to start, the team at Enygma can offer the best advice for the Gold Coast market. 

We offer advice for: 

  1. Define investment goals 
  2. Identify the right property for your budget and long-term goals 
  3. Expansion or renovation potential 

If you have purchased an investment property but don’t have the time to manage it, you can rely on the team at Enygma to do the hard work for you. 

We manage: 

  1. Tenancy agreements and turnover 
  2. Tenant disputes and issues 
  3. Property repairs 
  4. Maximising investment returns 


Let us be your investment property partner and contact the team at Enygma today. 

Property Management

Good property Management could be the difference between a good investment and a bad one. Using our experienced property management service will keep your investment profitable while allowing you more time to focus on the important things in life. At Enygma Real Estate, we’ll hunt for the best possible tenant for your investment property, manage rental payments, reports and reviews, conduct comprehensive inspections and organise property repairs and maintenance with licensed and insured tradespeople. We’ll provide annual detailed financial statements showing exactly how your investment is working for you in the current market. Our goal is to increase your return and ensure your investment is working for you. We secure the highest possible rent with regular assessments which take in to account current market rents of comparable properties, the area’s vacancy rate, and condition of the property, quality of tenant and the length of the tenancy.

Keeping You Informed

We understand that communication is the key to our relationship with you, and whether the news be ‘good’ or ‘bad’, we will share it with you. We ensure you’re updated with progress and activity relating to your property, and your tenants.

Marketing Your Property

Throughout the marketing campaign, we will ensure you are up to date with the enquiries received, when we have inspections booked, and update you with the feedback following each inspection. The first 21 days are when you’ll get the most interest in your property. We at Enygma Real Estate will design a well-executed marketing plan to gain maximum exposure for your property through this period, and beyond if necessary. We’ll formulate campaign to capture the attention of the perfect tenant. This may include signage, direct mail, internet profiles and our extensive email database. Your property information will be added into our MyDesktop real estate system, which allows us to list your property on the major real estate websites in Australia, such as realestate.com.au, realcommercial.com.au and domain.com.au, and keeps the property at the top pf the search engine returns. The system also allows us to produce online brochures for use on websites where we can monitor enquiry on your property.

What our customers say

“I was introduced to Erin after much dealings through my solicitor. Erin literally took the headache off my hands and welcomed me to her expertise- “I’ll take care of it from here!”. And so she did; from the evicting to the dealings with the insurance company to restore the premises and further to finding “good” tenants who look after the property as if it were their own. Erin now ‘looks after’ another property of mine where she was only too happy to help with preparing the house for the rental market! She understands that I have a busy life and is always eager to take the pressure off. I coin her my PERFECT personal assistant! Thank you Erin Ridley.”



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