Why is it that some houses sell in the first week of their campaign and other stagnate on the market for months? Is it luck or careful planning?

There are some ways of attracting good “luck” and getting your property noticed and sold as quickly as possible…

One of the best ways is to price it properly. If selling quickly is the key motivator – then get an estimate of market value from your Agent and price it 10-20% less of the selling price advertised for other properties in your area. The reality is that this will probably be what you would have sold it for anyway (depending on the market) but you will attract more offers more quickly if you advertise this as the price.

The appeal of your Property to your buying demographic is crucially important – and no matter what style of property or market you are in, there are some sure-fire things that you can do to up the appeal level…

Get rid of superfluous furniture and fittings and store them off-site. This will create a feeling of space.
Professional staging. If your furnishings are much loved but showing their age, it may be worth considering a professional interior design company to come in and stage the home for a better and more contemporary look.
Good marketing and photography will get people in to the property. There is no point having the property looking good but failing to attract people to it in the first place.
Fresh paint and appropriate colour schemes. The fresher the property looks, the better.
Replace small items that age or date your property. Look at things like door handles, cabinet handles, light fittings, curtains/blinds, appliances like dishwashers and stove tops, etc.
Remove personal items. Personal photos, etc. You want the Buyer seeing the property as theirs – not yours.
Street appeal plays a massive part in the overall appeal of your property. Gardens and lawns need to be in tip top condition. Replace old and tired looking letter boxes and make sure fences are clean and in good condition. Remove any rubbish or debris from the property and if you have a storage shed or garage – have it decluttered and cleaned.
Think about the outdoor areas…do they look inviting and ready to receive guests and family? Make sure the BBQ and all outdoor furniture is clean and in good repair.
Clean out gutters and remove all cobwebs. Use a high-pressure cleaner to clean up outdoor areas, car ports and driveways.
Replace light globes and ensure that the property looks light and airy.

We all know that Kitchens and Bathrooms are a key factor in property appeal. Rather than go to costly refurbishment expenses – look at replacing tap fittings, towel rails and sinks, cleaning grouting and upgrading the dishwasher. New cabinet handles can make a difference too.

And lastly – don’t forget the power and influence of smell. Good room deodorisers or the smell of freshly baked goods can make the world of difference. A nice bunch of fresh flowers never goes astray either….